DERGINE offer a full range of pipe to meet any industrial or commercial need from carbon steel to cooper tubing. We provide seamless carbon steel pipe stainless steel or other alloy steel for special applications with different thickness according to ASME/ASTM and API carbon steel with a wide range of sizes from 1/4" to 48".
We offer also pipe fittings and flanges in black iron, galvanized, forged steel, stainless steel, butt-weld, brass, copper, grooved, and ProPress.
  • Seamless carbon steel pipe, stainless steel or other steels for special applications.
  • Different thickness according to ASME, ASTM and a wide range of size from 1/4" to 48".
  • Elbow 45°&90°, Tee, Reduced Tee, Concentric & Eccentric reducers and caps.
  • Special Welding Fitting: 180° Elbow, barred Tee, …